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HONEY, product of life par excellence !!!

Honey, a 100% natural product, without any additive nor preservative, is a genuine concentrate of virtues and softness! It is the food of life par excellence: its regular consumption will reinforce your organism and will help balance your nutritional deficiencies. It is composed of 75% of simple sugars ( 70% of fructose and glucose for only 5% of saccharose), of 20% of water and 5% of mineral salts, vitamins, oligoelements, flavonoids (antioxidants) and of various substances.

Honey has a sweetening power twice higher than white sugar providing fewer calories. Moreover, because of its low contain of saccharose, honey is much easier to digest than sugar. Therefore, in our own interest, one should substitute “classical” industrial refined white sugar by honey...
So, honey gives us a lot of energy. This energy is all the more interesting as honey is directly absorbed (no need to wait for its digestion). Sportsmen particularly appreciate honey because it strengthens the muscular structure, improves the endurance and allows a much better recovery after the effort.

Thanks to its mineral salts, honey aids to growth. It supports the retention of calcium and magnesium and helps fight anaemia stimulating the production of red cells. The consumption of honey is recommended for children from one year, on the other hand it should not be fed to children less than 12 months.
Because of the high biological elements it contains, honey increases the capabilities of the immune system reinforcing the resistance of our organism against outer aggressions in general: its antiseptic and antibiotic properties are unanimously recognized.

This richness also contributes considerably on food complementation palliating therefore many micro-deficiencies, which are, in the long run, sources of more or less important health disorders.

Each honey being unique, its virtues vary from one type to another, according to its origin (types of flowers and plants from which it comes). Therefore, its therapeutic properties are numerous and diversified. It would be too long here to draw up the list for each origin, that’s why we have limited ourselves summing up the common properties to all honeys:

ANTIANEMIC Against anaemia.
ANTISEPTICAL That destroys germs.
ANTITUSSIVE Active against cough.
APPETIZING That stimulates appetite.
DIGESTIVE That aids digestion.
DIURETIC That increases urine secretion.
DYNAMOGENIC That increases strength and energy.
EMOLLIENT That relaxes, calms and softens inflamed tissues.
FEBRIFUGE That fights against fever.
LAXATIVE That facilitates intestinal transit.
VICARIOUS That compensates deficiency.

Benefits of HONEY on skin

Its unique and varied properties allow in particular:
  • to moisturize skin and hair fibres thanks to its high sugar content
  • to protect the skin against early ageing and make it softer
  • to soothe sensitive skins thanks to its anti-irritating quality
  • to aid rejuvenate skin thanks to the significant amount of antioxidants that honey contains
  • to regenerate the superficial cells of the skin
  • to clean and nourish the skin
  • to strengthen the skin thanks to its antiseptic properties

And let say that the list of the virtues and properties stated here constitute only one outline of the benefits of honey on our organism !